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Collection of antique and one of a kind handmade rugs from the past century and over presented by Safe Rug

Note: Rugs in this collection are priced unto 100 % off its original retailer value. All rugs are in show room condition; cleaned restored if needed and care for with professional master weavers.

Tabriz handmade circa 2000, Best buy
tabriz new production

SKU: 941900

Approximate size: 12' x 22'

100 % wool pile on cotton foundation

Very good quality

Kermon rug handmade circa 1925
1920 kerman 1.5 x 19.9

SKU: 254210

Approximate size: 12' x 22'

Wool pile cotton foundation beautiful Kermon rug

Perfect piling, good quality high pile signature rug

Royal Kermon rug handmade circa 1960
Kerman 1960 perfect signature

SKU: 254781

Approximate size: 12' x 23'.4"

Beautiful rug high pile cotton foundation

Signature rug


Kashan 1920
kashan 1920 10.5 x 24 signature

SKU: 562413

Approximate size: 10'.5" x 24'

Persian Kashan with David star design woven on the border,

signature rug, it is on sale as is, need some restoration.

Abul Ghasem Emad resam Kermoni
kerman 1870

SKU: 100001

Approximate size: 10' x 14'

On in the world piece left to us from 19 century artist Abul Ghasem

Signature rug, investment rug.

Unique antique 1870 rug
kermon 1870 one in the word

SKU: 100004

Approximate size: 15' x 30'

Ghara Goozian signed rug, on in the word rug from Armenian artist

From the guild area, wool pile cotton foundation Persian rug


Melayer rug 1940
Melayer 1940

SKU: 205034

Approximate size: 5' x 8'

Persian Melayer 1940 wool pile on cotton foundation

The rug has low pile in some places, very good buy

Tabriz 1940 signature
Tabriz 5 x 8 1940-signature

Sku: 942110

Approximate size: 5' x 8'

Magnificent Persian Tabriz for 1940 wool and silk pile cotton foundation

Signature woven into rug using silk

The Kings tapestry rug
Ahmad Shah

Sku: 100006

Approximate size: 5' x 8'

Persian handmade historical magnificent

One in the world handmade tapestry rug wool on cotton foundation

The pictures of 51 kings and Queens who ruled Persia form Sirius the great to Ahmad Shah Ghajar


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