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Price List

Minimum Cleaning per rug $ 125.00 less than 30 Sq. Feet. Minimum total for Free pick up and deliver $ 250.00.

We wash rugs with water and neutral pH detergent, after scrubing we rins the rug with water, then press the water out and dry it. Regular cleaning can not remove stains caused by beverage or pets, nor wax or paint.

Area Rug Cleaning

Class Description Price
I Wool Handmade, Domestic made, Kilim $ 4.00 / SQ. FT.
II Tufted, Needle-points, Shag, Navajo, Hook Rug (needle points stretching add extra $ 1.50 SQ. FT. $ 4.00 / SQ. FT.
III Synthetic silk, viscose, designer’s rugs stark, Edwards field, custom, wool and silk mix. $ 4.75 /SQ FT.
IV Silk handmade or machine made $ 6.50 / SQ FT.

Steam Cleaning

Class Description Price
V Residential Steam Cleaning (Minimum $ 200.00) Recoment for wall to wall carpeting $ 0. 68 SQ. FT.
VI Commercial Steam Cleaning (Minimum 500 SQ FT. ) $ 0. 55 SQ. FT.


Class Description Price
VII Hand binding, Hand fringing, Hand Serging (include materials) $ 20.00 / Linear FT.
VIII Weaving, Art work, Color Restoration Re-dye Area Rugs Antique and New Rugs ( materials included )     $ 62.00 / Hour
IX Machine binding, Serging $ 4.50 / Linear FT.
X Machine Fringing (ready made fringes) included $ 12.50 / Linear FT.


Class Description Price
XI Soil guard, Deodorize and Moth proofing Area rugs $ 0.50 / Sq FT

Custom Cut Padding

Class Description Price
XII Non Skid thin pad $ 1.25 / SQ. FT.
XIII Durahold or any felt over the rubber pad $ 1.97 / SQ. FT.

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