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Area rug Appraising

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How to Request Area Rug Appraisals

In order for us to expedite your area rug appraising in the most appropriate way we need to have the followings
•—— A clear photo from the whole face of the area rug.
•—— A clear photo from the whole back of the area rug.
•—— A close photo of the corner back of the rug include fringes.
•—— A photo of half of the face of area rug.
•—— Measurements in foot and inches.

It will be a help to write a brief description of the area rug and its condition, check the back and front for stains, worn and discolored area, moth damage and other abnormality that you can see.


Appraisal Prices

$ 99.00 for rug with value up to $ 5,000.00.
$ 275.00 for rug with value up to $ 14,000.00.
$ 375.00 for rug with value up to $20,000.00.
Over $ 20,000.00 a rug needs on site inspection.

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How to Take Photos for Appraisal
appraisal photo 1

Take photo of the whole rug so we can see the whole. For large rug divide the rug into three section and take a photo of each section.

Photo Two Corner
appraisal phopt two

Fold the corner of the rug like above photo and take a photo of the corner from not more than 3 feet distance, we need to see the back of the rug, the rows of knots and the corner fringes of the rug.

Photo Three Sides of the Rug
How to phot three

Sides of rugs get worn as they are used, check the sides and take photo from the worn areas, like above photo. As we can see the traffic area stain and the worn knots clearly.

Photo Four Stains
how to photo four

Used rugs usually have stains on them, the back and or front of the rug. Take a sharp photo form these areas. Like above photo.


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