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——• Above clip, if a rug is not washed this way, then it is not cleaned. soap or detergent and dirt must be rinse out of the area rug.

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——•  We are well-known area rug and carpet cleaners, backed with forty years of reputations in New York City. Providing expert services on antique and new area rugs. We restore, appraise and do custom work.
Each and every rug needs specific attention We have work with hundreds of rugs every week, so we understand what it takes to deliver a Safe Job.

Hand made rugs are safe and valuable investment; with proper care they will provide years of safe service. Choosing the right cleaners to do your home area rug maintenance is important. never steam clean your rugs at home. Area rug home steam cleaning is not safe, it is harmful.

Hand made Area rug will deteriorate in a few years when it is continuously steam cleaned.

Always ask your rug cleaners for" Persian wash". Persians are the inventor of hand made rugs, rug cleaning method that Persian rug expert suggest is the safest cleaning method ever being suggested, it is very simple, lots of water, detergent some scrubbing with brush, after that the rug must get rinse until all dirts, soap or detergent are washed out. Only and only then it will be a safe rug cleaning. Only and only then it will be a safe rug cleaning.


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Area rugs need servicing as they are used. Proper care and restoration of area rug will extend its life .

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A brief journey into the world of hand made rug.
Hand made rug is rooted to the primitives of our symbolic life, where character of written language is used to make a rug and the tools of needs

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Rugs used at home must be washable with soap or detergent and water. Never steam clean your area rug at home.It is harmful .......

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Wine stain removal is not a job for a cadet.It needs experience and recognition. When beverage spill over a rug, do not panic, just blot it off with cotton towel or paper towel and call a rug cleaner....

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